Libyans celebrate the death of Gaddafi     

It has now been confirmed that Qaddafi has been killed, probably by rebel forces after his convoy fleeing his home town was stopped by US Predator drones.  Celebrations fill the streets of Libya.  The seven month effort by NATO, acting as the rebel Air Force, during which they flew over 26,000 air missions (see a good summary by The Guardian ) ended with the rebels prevailing in the civil war.  So Qaddafi is gone.  Good.  The world is better for it.  But as this mission ends, it is important to ask:  By what authority were the US and NATO involved in a Libyan civil war?

Qaddafi was a bad man.  He supported terrorism (in the 80s mostly), tormented and oppressed his people, and needed to go.  But is that the whole story?  After 9/11, President Bush told every country in the world either you’re for us or you’re against us.  What did Qaddafi do?  He dismantled his weapons of mass destruction, abandoned his nuclear program, swore off supporting terrorism, admitted responsibility for downing Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland by a bomb placed by Libyan agents, and agreed to pay $2.7 Billion in compensation to the families of the victims ($10 Million per family).  You can read about it here.


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