Perhaps you respond as I do when another magazine asks the penetrating question, “Is There A Heaven?” or—always around Easter—“The Real Jesus—Who Was He?”  For those of us who truly care about those questions, we are not inclined to look to magazines for the answers.  So when I saw The American Spectator’s cover, “Does Heaven Really Exist?”  I responded with a deep sigh and a pledge not to read whatever they had to say about it.  Frankly in areas of theology, if they tell me who they’re quoting or who the writers are, I can tell you what they will say and save you the pain of actually reading it.

But unfortunately on a recent flight, where The American Spectator was my below 10,000 feet work, I found myself reading John Derbyshire’s article on whether there’s a heaven, his answer to which is “Hell No!”

I normally like John Derbyshire’s writing.  He is full of irony, sarcasm, and wit.  I like all of those.  But here, he has run completely off the rails.  I don’t know if he is just out of his depth, or if he thinks that a patronizing tone truly answers philosophical questions.


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