Starting tomorrow evening, October 17th, ¬†the military channel will be broadcasting Combat Countdown, a new series in which I will appear as an on-air commentator. The series features the best combat weapons around the world, and compares them in different categories, like speed, or power. ¬†So it’s not for example which is the best tank, but which weapon system in its category dominates in a given area. It will be broadcast at 9:00 p.m. ¬†Here’s a link to the Military Channel site that tells about it. ¬†

Here is the list of broadcast dates and titles:


Military Channel Airdates


Ep 1: Need for Speed 10/17/12

Ep 2: Ultimate Firepower 10/24/12

Ep 3: The Indestructibles 10/31/12

Ep 4: Maximum Horsepower 11/7/12

Ep 5: Super Sensors 11/14/12

Ep 6: Surprise Attack 11/21/12

Ep 7: Heavy Haulers 11/28/12

Ep 8: Ultimate ATV’s 12/5/12

Ep 9: Super Strikers 12/12/12

Ep 10: Game Changers 12/19/12

Ep 11: Weapons of Fear 12/26/12

Ep 12: Super Strikers 1/2/13

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