Having  been season ticket holders for the Lambs Player’s Theater in Coronado for many years I have seen numerous performances of all types of plays and musicals.  But none of them was better than Damien.  I confess to not looking forward to a “one man” show, a la Hal Holbrook.  Nor was I excited to see a play about a priest who worked with lepers.  My fears and concerns were misplaced and caused me to feel guilty, that I hadn’t trusted the artistic director and producer of the Lamb’s Players to put on a production worthy of Broadway.  Actually above Broadway–they would be unlikely to put on a play as edifying as Damien.

For those who don’t know the story of Father Damien, or like me had heard of him but couldn’t say more than he helped the lepers on the island of Molokai, he was a Belgian who felt called to the priesthood at a young age, much like his brother had been.  But the authorities in the church thought he was too tempestuous, too opinionated and outspoken to be a priest.  Perhaps he could serve as a missionary, or other office that didn’t call for ordination.  But when his brother, who was to go to Hawaii, was taken ill, Damien volunteered to go in his place.  To get there he went over the head of priest in charge of his order in Belgium, and was selected.  His supervising priest raged that he was not ready and would do more harm than good.


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