For the first time since WWII Mein Kampf will be published in Germany. ¬†You can read a good summary of the status of it in the Washington Post here.¬† Up until now, copies of Mein Kampf were forbidden in Germany, and those who wanted to look at copies that were kept in the “poison cabinet” in the Bavarian State Library in Munich were vetted on their intentions and their supposed interest. ¬†The publishers plan on re-publishing it only as an annotated version, where they are allowed to comment on the rantings of Adolph Hitler. ¬†But the timing is inauspicious. ¬†Anti-semitism is growing in Germany and Europe, and neo-Nazi groups are spreading their wings. ¬†To have the book published now in its original German (as opposed to the translated copies that are easily accessible in the US and elsewhere) is unwise and sure to stir up even more controversy in Germany when it comes out early next year. ¬†Watch for trouble when it is released.

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