AFG: Tell us what the Blood Flag is?

JH: The Blood Flag was the flag carried during Hitler’s attempt to overthrow the government of Bavaria on November 9, 1923. He and three thousand others marched on central Munich to start the revolution Hitler thought was inevitable. A shootout followed with the state police, and sixteen Nazis were killed, two of whom fell on the Nazi flag that led the procession and bled to death on it. Thereafter, Hitler said the flag contained the blood of the first Nazi martyrs. It became his holiest symbol. It was last seen in late 1944, and its current whereabouts are a mystery.

AFG: What were the challenges of writing a novel like this?

JH: One of the challenges is getting inside the heads of neo-Nazis of today and trying to understand what motivates them. It’s then even more of a challenge to write things that ring true from the perspective of a neo-Nazi and not pull your punches, even though it is distasteful—probably like writing about a serial killer whom you would hate in real life but must portray accurately and believably in your story.

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