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James W. Huston

Falcon Seven

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Falcon Seven

Two Navy fliers in an F/A-18 are shot down in the mountains of Pakistan after bombing a suspected al Qaeda meeting with the Taliban. The building they bombed was really a medical post set-up by Europeans, for Afghan refugees. Sixty innocent people were killed in the bombing.

The pilots are captured and dragged through Peshawar before being secreted to Holland aboard a private Falcon jet to The Hague, where they will be put on trial for war crimes at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Jack Caskey, a criminal-defense lawyer in Washington, D.C., and former Navy SEAL, is contacted by the National Security Council to defend them. The NSC is also pushing President Obama to utilize the act passed under President Bush, which authorized the use of force to extract Americans held by the ICC.

President Obama authorizes a special operations team to recover the Americans, but later withdraws his authorization, saying he wants to cooperate with the ICC.

Caskey is outraged by the president's change of mind, and left to defend them in the trial, while working with his long-time friends in the shadowy world of CIA operatives and private companies to free them before they are imprisoned for life after an international show trial.

Falcon Seven's potent mix of international intrigue, sizzling courtroom drama, and high-intensity action combine to make this heart-stopping thriller a must-read book.

Behind the Book

Several years ago, I noticed a bill that was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush. It passed almost unnoticed in the States, but Europeans were in an uproar. Many of the European newspapers called it "The Hague Invasion Act." The Hague is a city in Holland, and it is where the ICC is based. A treaty had been signed by enough countries to bring the court into being, and it claimed jurisdiction over all countries, including those that hadn't signed it—which included the United States. The bill signed into law by President Bush authorized the president to use whatever means necessary—including force—to extract any Americans being held by the ICC.

I began to wonder what would happen if the ICC actually charged Americans with war crimes. Would a president have the nerve to employ the act? What about President Obama? Why not put him in the book and find out?

Media Coverage

"Huston provides an intriguing look at international law, current American policies, and modern war."
—Publisher's Weekly | Full review.

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Falcon Seven

Falcon Seven

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