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Audio Version of The Blood Flag on sale

Good news!  The audio version of The Blood Flag is on sale on Bookbub for $2.99.  Check it out!

The BLOOD FLAG to be released on November 10th!

At long last, my next novel, The Blood Flag, will be released on November 10th.  Put it on your calendar, or better yet, pre-order it on Amazon!  I’ll let you know when it’s up for pre-order.  In the meantime, here’s what the book is about…

The last time the Blood Flag was seen was October 18, 1944, when Heinrich Himmler displayed it proudly while commissioning the Volkssturm, the Nazi Party’s new militia made up of men from sixteen to sixty that they hoped would avert the certain defeat that awaited Germany.

Hitler believed the Blood Flag, die Blutfahne, carried sacred powers. It held the blood of the first Nazi martyrs, those killed in the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich in 1923, when Hitler first tried to take over Germany. Several Nazis were shot, and fell on the flag and poured their blood into the already red flag, a flag with a white circle and a black swastika in the middle. That flag still lives.

Kyle Morrissey, a special agent for the FBI, goes to Europe with his father to see him receive the Legion of Honor from France for his service at Normandy. A moving ceremony; an inspiration. But after the ceremony, when traveling with his family in Germany, he and his family encounter neo-Nazis, perpetuating the evil philosophy he thought his father’s generation had ended once and for all in World War II. Morrissey is baffled, then furious. He knew of small gangs who claimed to be neo-Nazis, but nothing serious. But then he discovers tens of thousands of them, ready to raise high the swastika again, and renew the hatred of the thirties and forties.

Morrissey decides to do something about it. He embarks on a personal mission to try to bring down both the domestic neo-Nazis and the neo-Nazis movements growing around the world like a fungus. But how?

In trying to understand the history of Nazism, Morrissey learns of the Blood Flag and knows it is the key he needs. He sets out to find it, and to use it like a bright torch in a dark night to attract Nazi moths, to draw them to him, and eliminate them as a threat. From South Carolina, to D.C., to Dresden, to Recklinghausen and Argentina, the Blood Flag leads Morrissey on a world-wide race for the flag and an attempt to end international Nazism that will force him to rely on men he doesn’t trust and take risks he’s never taken before to save himself before he is discovered.