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In Memory of James W Huston

Written by: James W. Huston Published: April 21, 2016


James W Huston

James Webb Huston, age 62, passed away peacefully on April 14, 2016 at UCSD’s Thornton Hospital. He was surrounded by his family. Jim was born on October 26, 1953 in West Lafayette, Indiana to James and Florence Huston. Jim was a loving husband, son, brother, father of five, grandfather of three, and friend to many. Jim attended New Life Presbyterian Church for 30 years where he was a member, ruling elder, teacher, and leader to many. His profound Christian faith was immensely important to him. A true Renaissance Man: he practiced law, wrote nine best-selling action novels, was an active musician, a patriot and a scholar of American history, especially of World War II. His sharp wit and infectious humor endeared him to all who knew him. His warrior spirit, dogged determination to live life to the fullest, and abiding faith were profoundly inspirational.

Jim Huston attended the University of South Carolina on a Navy ROTC scholarship, majoring in history, with a minor in English. He did an exchange cruise on a French Navy destroyer, and also attended the University of Warwick in England to study English Reformation history and English literature. After college he flew F-14 fighter jets with VF-84, the Jolly Rogers, on the USS Nimitz. As a dashing young fighter pilot, Jim swept Dianna off her feet and married her when she was just 19. While in the Jolly Rogers, he participated in making the movie “The Final Countdown,” filming several scenes with a Panavision camera in the back seat of the F-14. He did two Mediterranean cruises and other cruises to the Caribbean and the North Atlantic. He graduated from TOPGUN before his second cruise. After his tour with VF-84, Huston taught Seapower and Maritime Affairs at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. He left active duty to attend the University of Virginia School of Law, after which he continued flying in the Navy Reserves, ultimately transferring to Naval Intelligence.


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Written by: James W. Huston Published: October 2, 2012

September 30, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Crosby Stills Nash and Young since high school.  My favorite album for a very long time, and it may still be, is 4 Way Street, their live album released in 1971.  I’ve always wanted to see CSN in concert, and last night I finally did.


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Does God Really Exist? “HELL NO!”

Written by: James W. Huston Published: June 14, 2012

Perhaps you respond as I do when another magazine asks the penetrating question, “Is There A Heaven?” or—always around Easter—“The Real Jesus—Who Was He?”  For those of us who truly care about those questions, we are not inclined to look to magazines for the answers.  So when I saw The American Spectator’s cover, “Does Heaven Really Exist?”  I responded with a deep sigh and a pledge not to read whatever they had to say about it.  Frankly in areas of theology, if they tell me who they’re quoting or who the writers are, I can tell you what they will say and save you the pain of actually reading it.

But unfortunately on a recent flight, where The American Spectator was my below 10,000 feet work, I found myself reading John Derbyshire’s article on whether there’s a heaven, his answer to which is “Hell No!”

I normally like John Derbyshire’s writing.  He is full of irony, sarcasm, and wit.  I like all of those.  But here, he has run completely off the rails.  I don’t know if he is just out of his depth, or if he thinks that a patronizing tone truly answers philosophical questions.


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The Hurt Locker–A Review

Written by: James W. Huston Published: October 26, 2010

The first time I heard about The Hurt Locker I was a little jealous.  What a great title.  I wished I’d thought of it for a book.  Saying you’re in the “hurt locker” or we’re going to put someone else in the “hurt locker” is a very common term in the military.  And it’s a perfect title for a book or a movie.  So I was immediately intrigued.  I didn’t get around to watching it in the theaters, but did watch the Oscars as it won best picture.  Wow.  A military film winning best picture?

It’s extremely rare for a military or war movie to win best picture.  But something that is growing even more rare, is for Hollywood to make a movie that portrays the military positively, and the conduct of a given war as reasonable, or even honorable.  If the film is about war, the general rule (not universal, see We Were Soldiers Once, and Young, and Saving Private Ryan) you can be fairly well assured the Hollywood of today will be against it, and the movie will show it.

In the last forty years there have been only four “war” films that have won best picture. The first, and the best known, is Patton.  1970.  It may have been the last one to imply that a given war may be worth fighting, and the men involved were honorable.  You could argue that they were showing Patton as crazy; but I’ve seen it several times and never came away from it with the idea that the movie was anti-war, anti-World War II.


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First Day

Written by: James W. Huston Published: May 10, 2010

Welcome to the site. I became acutely aware that the old site was static, and didn’t allow me to interact with readers as I’d like to. When answering the letters and e-mails sent by readers in the past, I’ve run across some of the same questions, and started thinking that a blog, with its open interaction, might be a better way to connect with readers, and share questions and answers. Sometimes I do get a little behind in my replies—work, family writing, you know the story—but I promise I’ll do my best to stay on top of your questions and comments.

I’d also like to use the blog to take you behind the scenes. I’m often asked, as one example, how I came up with certain ideas—and if certain plots could exist in the real world. Everywhere I look, there are ideas being presented, often inspired by real-time events. This blog will discuss some of those events, how they’ve inspired or related to my books, and help put the events into context, exploring the key points I hope everyone will consider.

So come back and let me know what you think. Most importantly for today though, my new novel, Falcon Seven will be released in bookstores on Tuesday, May 11th. I hope you’ll check it out—and let me know what you think.

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